"Flair" Spiralbound Album, 31.5x32/40


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- Album for storing photos
- Simple black and white design with a rose motif
- Features a matt surface and a sturdy cover (can be wiped off)
- The spiral is exactly adapted to the size of the album thus preventing it from gaping open
- The spiral fastener on the inside of the album prevents the album sheets from falling out and helps avoid injuries
- With white pages

What's in the Box

- 1 "Flair" spiralbound album

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour White
Design/Motif Flair

Field of Application

Storage Type Glue-in
Theme Neutral

Logistics (Number, Presentation)

Number of Pages 40

Size & Weight

Album Size 31,5 x 32 cm
Picture Size 10 x 15 cm

Physical Properties

Album Type Spiral album with heavy photo mounting paper
Binding PP-Cover
Extras None
Intoduction Text Without Introduction Text
Maximum Number of Photos 200



Most of us own a camera, finding ourselves taking numerous pictures of scenery we pass, people we meet and events we attend throughout our lives. With the introduction of digital photography, we are now able to take almost an infinite number of photos which can be processed and printed in the blink of an eye to provide us with a continuous supply of images on demand for our growing collections.

In addition, many of us who remember the good old days of film photography or who still opt for a more traditional film camera are also likely to own large collections of old developed photos lying around our studios, office and homes from where we have had films processed in the past. Often it can be difficult to find the time or the place to store all these photos and they may often be left in the flimsy folder received when developed in the photo shop or simply tucked into a designated box or drawer.


Protect and store your most cherished memories with this ‘Flair' spiral bound album from Hama. Designed to hold up to 200 10 x 15cm photos, each photo can be adhered to a high-quality, natural, cream-coloured page and with no risk of damage from nasty chemicals, all bound within the simple yet beautifully designed album. Admire all your favourite images in years to come with their full vivid colours and details in near perfect condition, protected from everyday dust and dirt by the individual acid-free parchment sheets.

Being spiral bound, the design of the album allows much more space for expansion as photos are added to the album meaning that the album isn’t left looking bulky or bulging when full like some of the book-bound albums. Use it to store your own images or present it to a friend or relative as the perfect gift, ideal if you are looking for something natural and not too garish or over the top.

Share the memories with Hama.


2 years legal warranty only


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