Hama "Quick Shoot Strap" Carrying Strap for SLR Cameras

Straps and hand straps | Carrying Strap

You want to take photos at lightning speed? Without having to fiddle around with your camera strap or bag? This strap comes with a slider which allows you to quickly change the position of your camera without having to move the strap. Hassle free access guaranteed - a smart solution.

  • The 18 air cushions (patented air cell technology) in the shoulder pad provide superior carrying comfort as they take on a form perfectly matched to the wearer's shoulder
  • Super elastic neoprene acts as a shock absorber
  • The 3-point safety lock allows the user to simply and quickly remove the camera from the strap; as it can only be opened by pressing three buttons, it also protects against theft
  • Thanks to the slider, the camera glides from carrying position to shooting position in a flash without having to move the strap, the slider brake allows the camera to be fixed at any point
  • A mounting plate adapts the tripod mount so that the tripod can still be used without having to unscrew the plate
  • The strap does not get tangled thanks to the double guide bar on the slider


59.99 GBP SRP

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Item: 00027205
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