"Maxi" Notebook Cooler

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More product information

- Cools your notebook and ensures optimal air circulation which avoids overheating
- Inclination for comfortable positioning
- Produces very little noise
- Rubberized base for secure positioning
- Low power consumption which saves the battery power of notebooks
- Power supply via the USB port of a notebook
- Recommended up to a display size of 44 cm (17.3")

What's in the Box

- 1 "Maxi" notebook cooler


Give your notebook some breathing space

It is essential with modern computers that the hot air produced from the components is circulated so that it does not build up and result in overheating and burning or causing it to lead to early failure by being overstressed. With our notebooks being increasingly used at home and in the workplace to store and organise a vast number of various word documents, photos, videos and other such files, you may find after several hours of use, your notebook overheating or burning due to lack of air circulation. This can be a worrying time bearing in mind that if anything happens to the notebook, you may be without a notebook for several days or worse lose substantial amounts of important data you need access to. The "Maxi" Notebook Cooler, USB from Hama is your perfect solution, allowing you to use your notebook for hours whilst keeping your notebook at an appropriate temperature and free from overheating.

Give your notebook some Harmanisation!

The "Maxi" Notebook Cooler, USB from Hama, suitable for nearly all notebooks and with an elegant look, is designed with the latest technology to help keep your notebook cool with low rotational speed, due to large 22 cm fan and hardly perseptive operating noise. Easy to use, with no rubber drivers, simply plug the device into your notebook USB Port via the USB cable included and enjoy a cooler notebook. In addition, the "Maxi" Notebook Cooler, USB comes with built in inclination and secure rubber feet so you can work comfortably whilst keeping your laptop cool!

Technical Details


Power Consumption USB 310 mA

Field of Application

For Display Size 26 cm to 44 cm [10,2" - 17,3"]

Size & Weight

External Dimension (Height) 4 cm
External Dimension (Length) 30 cm
External Dimension (Width) 29 cm
Fan Diameter 18 cm
Weight 550 g

Physical Properties

Loudness 18 dBA
Number of Fans 1

Packaging: test seal & eco label

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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