Display Protection Foil Set

  • The surface has an antireflective effect

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- Antistatic microfibre cloth for cleaning sensitive displays
- The surface has an antireflective effect

More product information

- Protects against fingerprints, dust and scratches
- Specially developed for displays of eBook readers
- Simple to attach, can be removed without leaving any marks
- With PIN code for downloading specific patterns for DIY cut (possibility to adjust the universal foil according to individual requirements)
- For a maximum size of 100 x 135 mm

What's in the Box

- 3 screen protectors
- 1 cleaning cloth


EBook readers are about simple and convenient readability. They take the hassle out of reading, concentrating all the books you could possibly wish for into a single, lightweight and compact device that can be slipped into your bag or suitcase so you have full access to your entire library whenever you want it.

Choose Hama for an Easy Read

Whilst on the go it can be easy for the sensitive screen of your eBook reader to pick up all kinds of dust and grime and become easily scratched and damaged if left unprotected, possibility interfering with your ability to read off of it or operate the device. With these handy, high-quality screen protectors from Hama, specially designed for the ultimate protection for your eBook reader screen, you can rest assured that your screen will remain in its original flawless condition for the perfect read.

Suitable for all displays sizes up to 6” (15.2cm) and with an included pin code to download specific patterns for a DIY cut to adjust to individual requirements it will fit all common brands of reader including the Amazon Kindle and Sony readers. Furthermore, the protector is completely transparent and has anti-reflective properties so that it does not inhibit your view of the screen in any way and you will hardly notice it is there as it effectively repels dust, grime, fingerprints and scratches.

Get Stuck In To a Good Book

Super simple to attach, all you need to do is adhere the protector to the screen and then when it needs replacing simple peel straight off again with no worry of sticky marks or residue being left on the screen.

Technical Details


Component Microfibre Cloth/Screen Protector

Logistics (Number, Presentation)

Set Contents in Pieces 2


2 years legal warranty only


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