Gaming Mouse 00062889 Hama "uRage evo." Gaming Mouse
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In need of a high quality Hama gaming mouse?

If you are in need of a new mouse for gaming on your PC or perhaps something more accurate than the integrated laptop or notebook mouse for gaming. The optical mouse does not need a mouse mat to work and unlike a ball mouse an optical does not become clogged with dirt, which will affect the responsiveness, this makes the mouse great for use on the go.

The Hama uRage Evo Gaming Mouse is the ideal solution; it is a 6 button mouse including a scroll wheel with key function and has an integrated 2400 dpi optical sensor which can be adjusted (600/1200/1800) for precision movement and cursor control. This means the mouse is exceptionally receptive and all of your movements with the mouse are correctly translated onto your screen.

The mouse has 5 programmable buttons which can be assigned individually depending on the game requirements, with one dpi speed dial button for quick speed changes. The mouse has clear resolution displays with LEDs and 500 Hz USB polling rate. The mouse has great grip due to anti-slip coating and low friction Teflon feet for great movement. The plug and play, driver free installation makes setting up this mouse easy. Furthermore, the 2 metre cable gives plenty of flexibility in playing your games, whilst avoiding to much unnuecessary cable clutter.

Get your fantastic gaming mouse today with the uRage Evo Gaming Mouse from Hama!


- Gaming mouse for precise gaming and great accuracy
- The laser sensor makes exact control of the cursor possible on almost any surface
- Elegant and flexible woven jacket for additional kink protection
- 3200 dpi professional laser
- Integrated Omron switches for longer service life
- Integrated laser gaming sensor for highest precision
- Iron stabilizer allows ideal positioning of the mouse thanks to a perfectly balanced weight
- Ergonomic design for long gaming sessions
- Low-friction Teflon feet
- Rubber grip with LED lighting
- Great grip due to anti-slip coating
- Adjustable dpi setting (800/1200/1600/3200) for precise cursor control
- dpi speed dial button for quick speed changes
- Clear resolution display with LEDs
- 6 quick-acting precision buttons
- 5 programmable buttons (can be assigned individually depending on the game requirements)
- Cable: 2.0 m
- 500 Hz USB polling rate
- Plug and play: driver-free installation

System Requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 8/XP/Vista/7

What's in the Box

- 1 "uRage evo." gaming mouse
- 4 Teflon feet

Technical Details

Connection: Cable
Connection: USB-A Plug
Number of Mouse Buttons: 6 Buttons incl. Scroll Wheel
Sensors: Laser
Resolution: 1200 / 1600 / 3200 / 800 dpi
Colour: Black

Apr. 11



"Great, very reasonably priced gaming mouse."

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GTIN 4007249628893

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