TSA Combination Luggage Padlock, black

9.99 GBP SRP


- Keeps your luggage closed during transportation
- 4-number combination lock with selectable combination
- Allows TSA employees to control your luggage without damaging the lock
- Helps make your luggage easily recognisable

What's in the Box

- 1 TSA combination luggage padlock
- Operating instructions

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black

Logistics (Number, Presentation)

Number 1

Physical Properties

Material Stainless Steel/Zinc
Protection 4-Digit Combination
Type TSA Lock


Do you need luggage security when travelling?

Millions of people find themselves travelling every year, whether that is on holiday, on business or weekends away visiting friends, family and site seeing. When travelling, security of your belongings is the forefront of your mind, particularly when travelling abroad or to unfamiliar places where your luggage is taken out of your hands. This being the case, you need a device which will give you the peace of mind that your belongings are secure from any unwanted visitors. You need the TSA Combination Luggage Lock from Hama!

Secure your belongings and lock up with Hama!

The TSA Combination Luggage Lock from Hama, is a high quality black, zinc/stainless-steel 4-digit combination lock, which will keep your luggage closed during transportation. Simply select a secret 4-digit number you will remember, attach the lock to the opening of the bag and your belongings will be secure. Once secured, you can rest assured that the next person to open your bag will be you. Furthermore, in an era of tight security, in the case that security on boats and in airports may want to check your luggage, the great thing about this lock is that it will allow TSA (transportation security administration) employees to control your luggage without damaging the lock or your bag. Brilliant!

Secure your luggage today with the TSA Combination Luggage Lock from Hama!

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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