"Stripe" Mobile Phone Cover for Apple iPhone 4, yellow/black/red

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GTIN: 4047443091406

Smartphone Cover


- Plastic cover with leather coating
- Easy to use
- Slim protection
- Provides access to all functions

What's in the Box

- "Stripe" mobile phone cover

Technical Details

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Material Plastic


For Mobile Phone Brand Apple

Gestaltung (Farbe, Design, Motiv, Serie)

Colour Black/Red/Yellow


Damage in Transit?

With the recent technological developments in the mobile phone industry, our mobiles are no longer just phones but instead are complete, multi-functional communication and entertainment devices, allowing us to perform tasks such as capturing and sharing pictures and videos, listening to music, surfing the web and sending emails as well as making calls. For this reason many of us cannot leave home without them in our bags and pockets where they are within easy reach on the go. However, this also leaves them vulnerable to accumulations of dust and dirt and to scratches from other items, such as keys, which may knock against in during transportation and damage the screen or casing.

First Class Protection You Can Trust

With the Hama "Stripe" Mobile Phone Cover for Apple iPhone 4 protecting your mobile couldn’t be easier. With its high-quality, sleek and stylish design made from plastic and genuine leather and yellow/black/red in colour, it fits perfectly in most bags and pockets, offering outstanding durability and reliable protection for your iPhone 4.

Protecting from dust, dirt, fingerprints and scratches, the Hama "Stripe" mobile phone cover ensures that sensitive touch screen remains in top condition for optimum operation, and the cover provides access to all functions so you can enjoy protection all of the time.

Article Information

1) Gerneral Data

Brand Hama
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only

2) price list / catalog data

GTIN 4047443091406


2 years legal warranty only

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    Apple | iPhone 4

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