Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Part 00110274 Xavax Vacuum Hose for Vacuum Cleaners "SC 101", separate
21.99 GBP SRP
GTIN: 4047443002716


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vacuum cleaner which has the ability to quickly and easily suck away all the dirt and dust which has collected in your home or office, whether that is on the floor, furniture or in the parameters of the room?

The scenario….

You have just vacuumed your house and once again, the vacuum has failed to remove all the dust and dirt which has collected on the furniture, carpet and around the parameters of the room despite the thorough clean. It appears that the recurring problem of a blocked up hose has raised its ugly head again. How frustrating!!

Hoover up with Hama!

The Xavax SC 101 Vacuum Hose for Vacuum Cleaners, brought to you by Hama, can help to prevent those frustrating moments and make vacuuming as super-easy as it should be, by providing you with a high quality hose which can replace your current hose.

Suitable for nearly all vacuum cleaners, the Xavax SC-101 Vacuum Hose for Vacuum Cleaners, brought to you by Hama, offers an appropriate replacement at the same level of quality as the original equipment. Using the repair set and connection parts for the specific manufacturer, the repair work can be completed in a flash and without even having to call for the repairs service. By providing you with a reliable replacement tool, you are able to get to those crevices and hard to reach places, so you can enjoy a beautiful, all over clean house! Result!

The silver hose is a lightweight, highly flexible plastic hose ideal for use in the home as well as in industry. It can also be used due to the specific weight (0.94 according to Din 53 479) to exhaust swimming pools. The hose is antistatic and has click rings and collets for easy manoeuvrability around the pool, home or office. The hose has a diameter of 32 mm inside and 40.4 mm outside, which is great as it is wide enough to suck up a significant amount of dirt and dust at one time but small enough to be easily stored. Furthermore, the hose has a temperature resistance of -25°C/+65°C and vacuum resistance up to approximately 5m WS, therefore making this hose ideal for vacuuming an abundance of different things and it measures 1.8 metres in length, plenty long enough for moving around the room whilst short enough not to get caught up. Brilliant!

Buy the Xavax SC-101 Vacuum Hose for Vacuum Cleaners today and clean with the ease and the confidence that you will never see that dust again.


- Lightweight, highly flexible plastic hose for household and industrial vacuum cleaners
- Due to the specific weight (0.94 according to Din 53 479) also suitable to exhaust swimming pools
- With click rings and collets
- Diameter: inside 32 mm; outside 40.4 mm
- Temperature resistance: -25°C/+65°C
- Vacuum resistance: up to approx. 5m WS
- Antistatic according to Din 53 482

What's in the Box

- 1 "SC 101" vacuum hose for vacuum cleaners

Technical Details

Model: Hose
Length: 1.8 m
Colour: Silver

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Article Information

1) Gerneral Data
Brand Xavax
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only
2) price list / catalog data
GTIN 4047443002716