Hama WiFi Motion Detector

WiFi surveillance: the WLAN motion sensor alerts you via a push notification if it detects an intruder in your home. You can intervene from anywhere, notify neighbours or even call the police. Feel safe at home and while away from home!

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Item No.: 00176554
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Motion detector on the wall.
Item number: 176554

The Hama WiFi motion detector - the smart solution

Hama’s versatile Wi-Fi motion sensors will make your home significantly smarter. Integrate them into your burglar alarm system or hook them up to other smart home products to automate daily tasks; thanks to sophisticated Wi-Fi technology and a full-featured app, our motion sensors can be configured to perfectly suit your requirements.

The Hama WiFi motion detector for more security

The Wi-Fi motion sensor is perfect for setting up an alarm system. Just install it in the hallway, the cellar staircase or other critical areas; it will register any movement within a wide radius and immediately push a notification to your smartphone. This gives you chance to respond even if you’re on holiday and, for example, ask a neighbour to check on your house to make sure everything is in order. If someone tries to circumvent or remove the motion sensor, this will also be reported to you. As a result, you can leave your home at anytime without having to give up your peace of mind.

The Hama WiFi motion detector for more convenience

In combination with Wi-Fi lamps from Hama, our motion sensor provides many possibilities for tailoring the lighting in your home to precisely suit your needs. The moment the sensor registers any movement, it can send the information to any particular lamp to turn it on.

Connect the sensor to the lamp in your garage, for example, to have it switch on the moment your drive in with your car. Or use the motion sensor to make a nightlight or automated lighting in the hall or stairwell, places where people often forget to switch off the light. With the app it’s a snap to configure how long and how brightly the lamp should be illuminated. So for instance, you can configure it for full brightness during the evening, but dim it at night so that it doesn’t blind you.

Quick and easy setup

All you need to set up the Wi-Fi motion sensor is the Hama Smart Home app, which you can download onto your smartphone or tablet for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app makes it easy to connect Hama Smart Home products to your home Wi-Fi network. No expensive additional gateway or hub is required; it simply works with any wireless router.

Simply install the motion sensor in the desired place using the installation hardware provided and then connect it with the Hama Smart Home app. Once it is connected, you can configure it to work either as a warning system or as a lighting control system by setting the appropriate automation parameters. If necessary, the motion sensor can be reconfigured to serve a different function at any time.

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Installing the Wi-Fi motion sensor consists of just a few stages.

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Program smart scenes with the motion sensor as trigger.