Hama Smart Alarm Siren, 97.4dB, Sound and Flashing Light, for Voice / App Contro

Who's that creeping through the garden towards the garage door at this hour? Don't worry, the 97.4 dB alarm siren will reliably let you know and send would-be intruders running. Pair the WLAN siren with a smart motion sensor or a door/window sensor for even more security.

  • Our alarm siren works without any gateway (hub): you don't need an additional device and you save on extra costs since the WLAN siren establishes a direct WiFi connection with the router
  • Extra-loud: at 97.4 dB, the alarm siren will drive away not only unwanted visitors, but the loud alarm will also immediately alert you and your neighbours
  • Ding dong: with ten different alert tones, the alarm system can function as a notification medium in combination with other smart products, such as time to ventilate the room, or if someone walks into the store
  • For a better room climate: sensors for temperature and ambient humidity, together with the Hama Smart Home app, help you ventilate and heat spaces correctly
  • Step by step to the Smart Home: with the Hama Smart Home app, you can expand and network your smart home with any number of Hama Smart Home products
  • With the Hama Smart Home app, create all kinds of alarm scenarios and conveniently activate or deactivate them via the app or voice command


34.99 GBP

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Item No.: 00176590
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