Glass Repair Polish for Displays

Item: 00178815

GTIN: 4047443346599


19.99 GBP SRP

More product information

- High-performance diamond polish for removing fine, light and middle-deep scratches from smartphone displays
- Repair instead of exchange
- All inclusive set
- Contents are sufficient for multiple applications

- 2-component system:
1. The high-tech diamond polish removes scratches
2. The high-performance diamond finish polishes to high-gloss finish
- Easy, clean and safe in do-it-yourself use

What's in the Box

- 1 syringe Repair No. 1 (0.5 g)
- 1 syringe Finish No. 2 (0.5 g)
- 1 polishing stick
- 2 x 6 polishing strips
- 1 microfibre cloth

Note for Consumers

The diamond polish may only be used for smartphone displays that are made of glass.
Not suitable for Tablet PCs.

Technical Details


2 years legal warranty only


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