Hama Charging/Data Cable, USB Type-C to Lightning, 1 m, white

High speed for the iPhone: with our quick charging cable, we make the impossible possible! With a Power Delivery charger and our high-speed cable, you can get the very best performance: up to 35% faster than with standard iPhone charging accessories.

  • The USB-C connection and the new Lightning connector support the Apple iPhone's fast charging function with a Power Delivery (PD) charger
  • Easy and quick connection thanks to the USB-C plug that can be used on both sides
  • Sturdy plugs and moulded strain reliefs, high mechanical resistance

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Price on demand

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Item No.: 00183295
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A new dimension in charging

USB-C to Lightning

You proudly receive your new Apple iPhone XS, including charging cable and power adapter – and then you’re disappointed when charging: It takes forever. Gear up for maximum power; nothing less is worthy of an iPhone!

Pole position and victory

always ahead with the fast charging cable

The Hama fast charging cable not only allows you to establish a data connection to your USB-C devices with the Lightning port on your iPhone; it also puts you in absolute pole position when it comes to charging speed. With the standard charging accessories supplied by Apple, the pace is rather like that of a leisurely trip to the countryside. If, on the other hand, you use our USB-C charging cable for the iPhone (works with the iPhone 8 onwards) together with a Power Delivery charger, you’re set to charge at maximum speed and efficiency (up to 18 watts).

Expressed in figures: Using the fast charging cable with USB-C and Lightning connectors in conjunction with a vehicle charger with Power Delivery, you can charge your iPhone XS up to 60 percent full in about 30 minutes.
For comparison: Standard chargers need about 60 minutes for a 60-percent battery charge.
In the evening, you forget to plug your iPhone in to charge? It doesn’t matter: Use your daily commute to charge your iPhone and be reachable again, without having to worry about whether the battery will be sufficiently charged. From now on, with the charging cable and your PD vehicle charger, you’ll be on your way at high speed! Our matching PD chargers, PD vehicle chargers and power packs are ready to go and just waiting for you to give the word.

From standard to high-end equipment

So just pimp your iPhone standard accessories with clever products from Hama and charge your new iPhone XS, for example, up to 35 percent faster with the fast charging technology. The high quality of the Hama cable fits in perfectly with Apple’s high standards. The cable is extremely durable: With robust plugs and moulded strain relief, cable breakage is a thing of the past. For this purpose, our fast charging cable is certified under Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) licensing program. Our products meet Apple’s high quality standards – this is also verified before they are launched onto the market.

While we’re on the subject of gentle charging...

Irrespective of the charger, there are things you can do to help extend the service life of your smartphone’s battery.

Hot and cold

Charging the smartphone by an open fireplace is not a good idea. The device heats up while charging anyway, and high ambient temperatures can raise the level of heat generated. You may like sunbathing, but your battery prefers the cool shade. The situation is the same with sub-zero temperatures: Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily charge your device in front of the ski hut you’re staying in, as battery capacity decreases over time.


It’s best to stop charging when the battery charge level is at 80 percent. Partial charging, that is, 40 percent in the morning and 40 percent in the evening, is even better. Fully charged batteries age more quickly. The battery should not be allowed to full discharge either; this also causes the battery to age faster.


If you drop your smartphone or it falls, this could trigger an internal short circuit. It’s better to replace the battery before it catches fire.