Hama Car Charging Set, Lightning, Power Delivery (PD), 30W, white

  • Superior premium quality with respect to workmanship and performance
  • Charging current of max. 3 A for fast charging
  • Charging process optimized for the device which guarantees maximum charging speed
  • Connected devices are automatically recognized and optimally charged
  • Optimized charging process saves the battery thus extending its service life
  • Highly intelligent Power Delivery chipset automatically detects connected devices for efficient and optimised charging
  • The USB-C connection and the new Lightning connector support the Apple iPhone's fast charging function with a Power Delivery (PD) charger
  • Convenient and fast connection through reversible USB-C socket
  • Specially optimised inner conductors that are ideal for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Charger for easy charging in a car/lorry
  • Sturdy plugs and moulded strain reliefs, high mechanical resistance


39.99 GBP

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Item No.: 00183317
GTIN: 4047443412911