Hama "MagCase Safety" Cover for Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro, transparent

The magnetic "MagCase" is specially designed for the iPhone 12/12 Pro. The magnetic ring integrated into the cover allows you to use MagSafe technology for faster wireless charging. The transparent cover reliably protects your smartphone without obscuring its design.

  • Integrated, perfectly aligned magnetic ring allows wireless charging for the Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • Perfect auto-positioning, optimised for wireless chargers
  • Powerful protection for mobile phones: The mobile phone cover with the robust material combination absorbs and evenly distributes the vibrations of a shock and protects against scratches
  • The smartphone sleeve is compatible with all original Apple MagSafe and Hama MagLine products
  • Non-slip surface provides a comfortable grip


19.99 GBP

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Item No.: 00196785
GTIN: 4047443464743