Hama "MagCase Finest Sense" Cover for Apple iPhone 13 Pro, blue

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The magnetic "MagCase" is specially designed for the iPhone 13 Pro. The magnetic ring integrated into the cover allows you to use MagSafe technology for faster wireless charging. The case made of blue faux leather with soft inside lining reliably protects your smartphone.

  • Powerful protection for mobile phones: The mobile phone cover made of faux leather protects the iPhone from knocks and scratches, along with a safe display thanks to the cover's raised edges
  • Integrated, perfectly aligned magnetic ring allows wireless charging for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Perfect auto-positioning, optimised for wireless chargers
  • The smartphone sleeve is compatible with all original Apple MagSafe and Hama MagLine products
  • Totally on-trend: soft, finely structured surface made of fine faux leather for an elegant look and a pleasant feel
  • Soft inside lining that protects the sensitive surface of the case


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Item No.: 00196978
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Our "MagCase Finest Sense" cover

Elegant, high-quality, timeless – this stylish case made of imitation leather not only gives your iPhone a fine look: The durable outer material and the soft inner lining protect your smartphone from dirt, scratches and impacts. The protective case has been specially designed for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks to the integrated magnetic ring, it also supports wireless charging. In addition, the iPhone can be attached to magnetic holders without removing the phone case.


You’re in a hurry and quickly throw the most important things into your handbag: wallet, phone, keys. You hear a scraping noise – the front door key has scraped across the smartphone and there is now a scratch on the sensitive housing. With the robust "MagCase Finest Sense" back cover, this cannot happen!

The durable case made of imitation leather with a soft inner lining protects the fragile back glass of your iPhone. The special edge protection ensures more sturdiness and helps to prevent damage to the display. Your smartphone is then perfectly equipped for day-to-day life, and you don’t have to worry about sharp objects or clumsy children’s hands.


When developing the cover, we made sure that all buttons and all connections are fully usable with the case on. Furthermore, Apple’s innovative MagSafe technology is supported. Thanks to the magnetic ring integrated in the back cover, the phone case is compatible with all original Apple MagSafe products and with our Hama MagLine products. So when you’re on the go, you can attach your smartphone to a MagSafe car holder, for example, or charge your phone on a magnetic charger using inductive technology.

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Feel me, touch me!

The soft imitation leather is finished to a high standard and the finely structured surface feels pleasant to the touch. Unlike other phone cases, the Hama "MagCase Finest Sense" does not feel unpleasantly rough; nor is it so smooth that the phone could slip out of your hand at any moment. Our cover feels pleasantly soft in your hand! You won’t be able to keep your fingers off this protective phone case with a wallet design...