Hama Universal USB-C Power Pack, 26800 mAh, Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/60W

Sockets are not always available. So what do you do if your notebook, tablet or smartphone battery dies while you're out and about? Simply connect one of our powerful Power Packs and carry on with your prep for your business appointment or blogger photo tour!

  • High-quality workmanship, power and safety
  • The integrated IC automatically detects connected devices for efficient and optimized charging
  • Optimized charging process saves the battery thus extending its service life
  • Ideal for quickly charging several devices via USB at the same time
  • Elegant and robust aluminium housing
  • The power pack provides an energy boost on the go
  • Certified cells guarantee the highest safety standard and top quality


99.99 GBP

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Item No.: 00200012
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