"Piccolino" USB Vehicle Charger

One set for all devices! The "Piccolino" charger charges all devices with a micro USB connection in your car. Uncomplicated power!

  • Gold-plated contacts for low contact resistance
  • Mini adapter that can be lowered completely in the cigarette lighter socket

Item: 014094

GTIN: 4007249140944


12.99 GBP SRP


- Gold-plated contacts for low contact resistance
- Mini adapter that can be lowered completely in the cigarette lighter socket

More product information

- For charging and powering all MP3 players, navigation systems and other USB devices in a vehicle that are supplied with power via a USB socket
- Suitable for the electrical system of cars (12V), connection via the cigarette lighter socket

What's in the Box

- 1 "Piccolino" USB vehicle charger
- Operating instructions


A New Level of On the Road Entertainment

Just because you are driving, it doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck listening to an out-of-date CD, tiresome tape or even the radio full of endless adverts and music that fails to excite or that goes all fuzzy when you travel a couple of miles down the motorway. Now with this “Pico” USB in-vehicle MP3 charger from Hama you can turn your vehicle into your own pumping party palace and sing along to all your favourite songs on your MP3 player every step of the way without fear of running out of power, whether it is a trip down the road or a trip to another country.

The Hama Experience

Compatible with all MP3 stick with a permanently installed battery and USB connection, the “Pico” charger fits perfectly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket/power outlet, to remain almost completely unnoticeable in order to prevent any visually unattractive, bulky protrusions or hazardous loose wires hanging around. However, don’t let its small size fool you, as what it loses in size it certainly makes up for with ultra efficient charging and reliable power supply.

Ideal for Apple, Samsung, Phillips and huge range of other MP3 players, you will never run out of uses for it, especially considering that it can also be used with a number of other USB devices such as satellite navigation systems with a USB output of 5V/700mA.

Bust a rhyme at that roundabout! Chant a tune at those traffic lights!

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black

Electrospecific Properties

Output Voltage 5 V


Charging Current 650 mA

Connectivity (Connection)

Number of USB Charging Connections 1

Field of Application

Recommended Use MP3 Player

Packaging: test seal & eco label

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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