CD/DVD Paper Sleeves, pack of 25, assorted colours

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Item: 051089
GTIN: 4007249510891

Jewel Case


- Paper sleeves to hold one CD for storage and transport
- Includes clear window for easy viewing
- Content: 50pcs.

What's in the Box

- 50 CD Paper Sleeves

Technical Details

Logistik (Anzahl, Präsentation)

Max. Piece Number 1

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Material Paper
Model Protective Cover

Abmessung & Gewicht

Depth 0.1 cm
Height 12.5 cm
Width 12.5 cm


For Medium CDs
Suitable for Universally Usable

Gestaltung (Farbe, Design, Motiv, Serie)

Colour Assorted Colours


You may have found the perfect storage box or solution for your DVDs and CDs at home or in the office but the problem is that with loose discs, it can be hard to organise them when in storage so that it is easy to find and select the one you want, especially when they are lined up front to back so that the label is concealed. Some boxes will also be without individual slots for separate discs, with extremely cheap and flimsy sleeves or alternatively, if old, may have torn or tatty sleeves so that the CDs knock against each other and potentially become scratched or damaged.

Get Organised with Hama!

Hama’s CD/DVD Double Protective Sleeves help you to achieve optimum storage and organisation of your discs, being designed for use with all CD storage systems.

Effective Protection for your CD/DVDs!

Each sleeve is made out of antistatic polypropylene fleece material in order to provide effective protection from not only scratches but also to help prevent dirt and dust from adhering to the surface of the disc, making them ideal for use with discs that have lost or damaged cases or when discs are brought loose in bulk (e.g. for burning music CDs). Furthermore, the sleeves which can hold up to 50 discs come in anwith a clear window for easy viewing, enabling you to organise your CDs and DVDs depending on genre of film or type of music or whatever suits you. Protect your discs today with Hama!

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal

Article Information

1) Gerneral Data

Brand Hama
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only

2) price list / catalog data

GTIN 4007249510891


2 years legal warranty only

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