SD Memory Card 090806 Hama SDHC 8GB Class 6
16.56 GBP SRP
GTIN: 4007249908063


SecureDigital High Capacity Card (SDHC), class 6, Especially suitable for digital cameras and camcorders with SDHD slot. Not downward compatible with standard SD cards


- This removable storage medium allows data to be written and erased as often as is required
- SecureDigital High Capacity Card (SDHC), complies with SD 2.0 specifications
- Only suitable for terminal devices with an SDHC slot, e.g. digital cameras, camcorders (not downward compatible with standard SD cards)
- Ideal for high-resolution full HD video recording
- Mechanical write protection against unintentional deleting
- With a label area for short notes

Note for Consumers:
Each SD card has a mechanical write protection which is removed by pushing the lateral bolt upwards.

What's in the Box

- 1 SecureDigital high capacity card

Technical Details

Model: SD High Capacity (SDHC)
Max. Data Transfer Rate: 20 MB/s
Memory Capacity: 8 GB
Line: HighSpeed Pro
Class: Class 6

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Article Information

1) Gerneral Data
Brand Hama
Warranty 10 Years Warranty
2) price list / catalog data
GTIN 4007249908063