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Instant pictures are making photography tangible again

Why instant pictures are back in

It’s about 70 years now since the physicist Edwin Herbert Land snapped the world’s first instant picture. Today this cult is experiencing a revival. Even at the CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, numerous Polaroid cameras in all shapes and colours were presented this year – the place where, normally, only the newest of the new is presented. Instant cameras are more popular than ever!

But what’s this instant picture trend all about? Why are instant cameras by Polaroid and the Instax camera by Fujifilm so popular all of a sudden?

With the instant picture, it’s more than just nostalgia and ‘back to the roots’ sentimentality.
We’ll get to the bottom of it!

  • Counter trend

    The counter trend to digital photography

    85% of all photos taken today are taken with a smartphone. This amounts to 1,020 million million photos – an incredibly large number! And everyone is familiar with it: How many pictures do you have in the depths of your gallery on your smartphone? And how many pictures are of the same subject, only because each time you have changed the angle or the lighting – for THE perfect picture? And here we’re only taking of the originals. Often pictures are duplicated multiple times and edited with filters and lettering.

    But the fact is: You have to go to the chemist’s shop and there select the ten perfect photos out of thousands. These days, most people save themselves the trouble. Photos are therefore seldom printed; many are posted on social media, but most photos remain forgotten and are never looked at again.
    Such a phenomenon definitely does not happen with an instant camera. You think about a subject, snap a picture, wait, and then you’re holding the one-off in your hand.

  • Memories

    Relive memories that are incomplete

    One-offs – this is also what the instant picture trend is about. Every picture is unique! When you have to pay up to 20 euros for about 20 pictures, you simply don’t snap away like you do with your smartphone, for example. As a result, every subject becomes a one-off, regardless of how imperfect it may appear – that’s what gives instant pictures their charm! The party with the extraordinary story, the perfect moment with your sweetheart, or the Christmas when all your family members were there – unforgettable moments captured on very special, unique prints.

    With the instant picture, photos are becoming more precious again. It’s about the perceptible, tangible feeling of having captured a unique moment in a photo. All this in an endearing retro frame, which makes you nostalgic whenever you glance at the photo.

  • DIY trend

    Photo printed – and now?

    The DIY trend calls handicraft enthusiasts to work

    The photo is printed – and now? With the trend towards the instant picture, there is also a big emphasis today on do-it-yourself (DIY). Handicrafts, knitting and tinkering are no longer things just for nerds! We have therefore prepared a DIY chapter for you; in it you will find all kinds of hints and creative ideas on how to perfectly showcase your Polaroid one-offs within your own four walls. Take a look!

Useful accessories

For the current instant picture trend, Hama can provide useful and smart accessories for your handicraft and DIY ideas! From the photo album to the chalk pen – Hama offers everything for design in its Photo area. Have a look around!

DIY tutorial

Handicrafts and tinkering are back in – and with the Polaroid pictures from the trendy instant cameras, it’s even great fun. We have gathered a few hints and creative ideas on how to perfectly showcase your Polaroid pictures at home – free your creativity!

Makes your home super cosy: decoration with wooden elements. All you need is a piece of driftwood, some cord and the Polaroids. Drill four or five holes into the driftwood, knot a cord at each hole. If you prefer to use a branch, you can simply wrap the cord around the wood. The cords can be the same length or of different lengths, whichever you prefer. Now punch a hole in the upper part of each Polaroid using a conventional office hole punch, pull the string through, and you’re ready to attach each photo in turn to the cord, from top to bottom. Your Polaroid mobile is done!

Tip: Instead of using driftwood, you can also saw a thicker branch into small discs and hang one cord per tree disc.

Use something old to make something new. Do you have a picture hanging on your wall that you can’t actually stand to look at anymore? Super! Remove the picture from the frame, attach your most loved Polaroids to the frame backing, leave out the piece of glass, and put the frame back on. Done! Your Polaroids remain touchable in this new 3D picture frame.

Tip: You can, if you want, design a frame background or place white paper behind. Also super trendy: Stretch cords within the frame, and hang your Polaroids on them with wooden pegs.

Super for bare wooden doors and smooth surfaces in the room: If you like to exert yourself artistically, this idea will appeal. Stick a piece of chalkboard foil of the right size (can also be cut to size without problems) to the smooth surface. Attach your Polaroids to various places on the chalkboard, and then decorate it. It’s best to use chalk markers to do this, as the colours are stronger. However, if you want your design to be less permanent, you can of course use normal pavement chalk. Give free rein to your creativity and decorate the surface with colourful patterns, flowers or witty comments, which you can write next to the photos. Say goodbye to boring surfaces!

Arouses dreams in those who enjoy travel: the Polaroid map.
Simply pin the Polaroids with drawing pins on a pinboard, run a piece of string or wool from drawing pin to drawing pin, wrap round a few times, and when all drawing pins are interlinked, close the circle with a knot. The more chaotic the linkage the better. You can thus keep your photos of different holiday locations forever on your personal map.

Let it shine! Probably nothing creates such a pleasant atmosphere as light chains. Simply hang up a micro light chain (several metres long) and clip the Polaroids to it. It will then appear as if your loveliest memories are floating in a sea of stars… Dreamlike!

In keeping with the retro theme: the collage.
Arrange and stick your photos in shapes on the wall, and in this way create your own colourful world!