Ready for this summer’s festivals?

The sun is shining, the days become longer and people are drawn outdoors: The starting signal for the festival season

Once the tickets have been purchased, you look forward excitedly to the weekend when it finally gets underway. Preparations for a wild time at the festival begin days in advance. Whether it’s a hippie, electro or rock music festival, the millions of festivalgoers have one thing in common: They love music and live it passionately. Partying, dancing, having fun – usually over several days. Of course, you must have the right festival equipment.

Super sound even when outside the festival grounds

Extremely robust and splash-proof, they are the ideal companions for merry times enjoyed at festivals. With our stylish outdoor Bluetooth speakers, you are without doubt the hero of the campground.

If you get a chance to be a bit more private... Our "Flip Flop" headphones, available in four trendy summer colours, will rise to the occasion.

Power on the go

It’s not so easy to survive in the wild, and it’s the same kind of thing for smartphones without power.
Thankfully, there are power packs for use on the go. Give your smartphone the energy boost it needs. Simply plug in and your smartphone will keep running.

Totally trendy

Style up your phone with the stylish Design Line Summer Edition. The limited-collection covers not only look great but also protect your smartphone.

Safely find your way

Often it’s not easy to find your tent amongst hundreds of others, especially at night in the dark. A LED torch will help you to safely find your way back to your tent.

Moments for eternity

Festivals are like a holiday: You pack your things and spend several days enjoying yourself – far away from everyday life. To capture unforgettable moments, there are super-practical smartphone accessories.

Want to take a quick group selfie? With our selfie sticks and fisheye lens, everyone will definitely be in the photo.

Bring on the water

It’s summer, the sun is shining and when it’s hot you enjoy a cool-down. Most smartphones or wallets, however, do not appreciate water fun. Protect your valuables in water with the outdoor bags from Hama.

Mud bath

And just in case there is heavy rain during the festival, we also have rain ponchos.