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Smart through the winter – WiFi motion detector and sockets


Thanks to the new WiFi motion detector and the practical Hama WiFi socket, winter 2018 will be smartly lit.

Does it sound familiar? To wake yourself up in the morning, it must be peaceful, warm and ideally not too bright. To coincide with the dark winter months – and for all those who need time to wake up in the morning – there is the new WiFi motion detector from Hama, which can be used to control the light intensity individually and time-dependently. The smart sensor registers movements, and can be programmed to switch on the Christmas lighting as soon as you come in through your courtyard entrance, for example. For all WiFi enthusiasts: The programming can be set using an app and appropriate lamp, so that your home is filled with a pleasant 20% light intensity in the morning, full brightness at midday, and the light is dimmed to half intensity in the evening.

Whether it’s morning, midday or evening – with the smart motion detector, you can control the light intensity entirely individually, when and as you like it.

The days are now getting shorter, winter is approaching and so, too, is Christmas. The first Christmas lights are hanging in the windows, people are keen to return to their cosy home, and evenings are spent reading a good book or watching a relaxing film. It is pleasantly warm under the cover – only the right lighting is missing. How practical that the Hama smart WiFi socket can be conveniently controlled from the sofa. No more crawling around behind cabinets, shelves and sofas. Just one command to the digital voice assistant Alexa, and the room is lit as if by magic.