Recharg. NiMH Batteries "Ready 4 Power" 2x AAA (Micro - HR03) 850 mAh

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GTIN: 4007249740533


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More product information

- High-performance NiMH batteries, suitable for fast charge and usable for a lot of applications (e.g. for applications when a lot of current is necessary: in case of radio sets, GPS receivers, flash units, remote controls, clocks, etc.)
- Specially developed to store the charging capacity over a long storage time
- Very low self-discharge - can be used for weeks
- Fast charge: max. 375 mA in case of minus Delta V charging supervision
- Without memory effect
- Environment-friendly

What's in the Box

- 2 NiMH batteries "Ready 4 Power"

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour White


Rechargeable Yes (rechargeable battery)

Logistics (Number, Presentation)

Number of Pieces 2

Size & Weight

Size Micro AAA

Electrospecific Properties

Capacity 850 mAh
Voltage 1.2 V

Physical Properties

Model NiMH


It can be so annoying when your rechargeable batteries have been sitting around for a couple of weeks and just when you need them you realise they’ve lost their power.

Don’t worry, Hama rechargeable batteries are now available "Ready4Power", fully charged, even directly after purchase. There’s no need to add extra power before use, just get them home, pop them in and off you go. Specially developed to store charging capacity over long periods of time they have low self discharge and will last for weeks at a time.

Suitable for all kinds of uses and fast charge in most battery chargers these Hama "Ready4Power" batteries save you time, money and help protect the environment.

Packaging: test seal & eco label

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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