"All Position" Air Duster

  • Sprays in every position, thanks to a special pressurised gas mixture

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- Sprays in every position, thanks to a special pressurised gas mixture

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- For cleaning your workplace in the office and at home
- With a thin application tube for hard to reach areas
- Sprays in any position, liquefied propellant gas does not flow out
- Doseable spray strength

What's in the Box

- 1 "All Position" air duster


Farewell Filth!

Over time computer equipment can easily gather dust and grime which can eventually begin to clog them up and cause their performance to deteriorate. In addition, oxide and sulphide layers can also build up and corrosion can occur in older machines and eat away at vital components and internal structures that support their general operation. Often it is very difficult to remove these unwanted deposits from such equipment in full due to some areas being impossible to access by standard cleaning methods such as dusting and polishing, as electrical equipment often contains various narrow nooks and crannies. This is where Hama All Position Compressed Gas Cleaner can be utilised to its full potential.

Directed, Effective Cleaning from Hama!

Using a specially designed long and thin application pipe, the Office Clean can be used to direct the contained cleaning fluid finely as desired, so inaccessible or hard to reach areas such as computer equipment can be specifically targeted in order to easily remove corrosion, dirt and oxide and sulphide layers without impacting upon the sensitive components and structure. You can spray in every position, thanks to a special pressurised gas mixture and it can be used at home as well as in the office to clean with its universal application.

Overall the cleaner will allow you to maintain the performance of computer equipment and furniture by providing an all over thorough clean that would not otherwise be able to be achieved.

Technical Details

Field of Application

Suitable for Universally Usable

Physical Properties

Content 125 ml

Packaging: test seal & eco label

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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