Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle 00110261 Xavax Universal Nozzle BD-150
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Universal Floor Care from Xavax

Most homes have more than one type of flooring in them, for example, the living room may be carpeted whilst the dining room may have a wooden floor and the kitchen tiled. The problem is when coming to vacuum them it is difficult to find a nozzle that effectively cleans all types and as a result you have to keeping chopping and changing, shelling out for specialist nozzles for each one.

The Xavax Universal BD-150 Nozzle eliminates the hassle of having to do this by being specially designed to intensively clean both carpeted and smooth floors with equal effectiveness, allowing a smooth, easy transition between rooms. It does this by using the special double thread catcher, which sweep between the individual fibers of a carpet, rug or fabric to lift away low sitting dirt, animal hairs and loose fabric fibers whilst the integrated brush and high-flexible rubber borders permit excellent cleaning on smooth floors by sweeping up accumulated dust and dirt particles.

Showing superb maneuverability on all floor types with a combined swivel and tilting joint, the BD-150 gives the user added flexibility when vacuuming, with the additional benefit of the ultra-flat, compact design ideal for reaching in every corner and removing hidden dirt gathering under low lying furniture such as cupboards and sofas. This along with the long-lived, high-grade steel base plate and compatibility across almost all modern makes and models of vacuum cleaner via 35mm or 32mm (by enclosed adaptor) tube connection makes the BD-150 overall a highly durable, high-quality and useful piece of kit to have in your cleaning cupboard.


- Universal nozzle for intensive cleaning of carpets and smooth floors
- Especially flat version, therefore ideal under low sofas and cupboards
- Good cleaning over the whole nozzle-broad
- By the double thread catcher, hairs and fabric fiber are very effectively removed
- Comfortable switching by foot between carpet and smooth soils
- Very long-lived by the base plate made of high-grade steel
- Particularly manoeuvrable by the combined swivel and tilting joint
- Comfortable switching by foot between carpet and smooth soils
- Suitable for nearly all vacuum cleaners
- Tube connection: 35 mm (by enclosed adaptor also suitable for 32 mm)

What's in the Box

- 1 universal nozzle BD-150

Technical Details

Tube Connection: 32 mm / 35 mm
Nozzle Type: Combined Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle

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Article Information

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Brand Xavax
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only
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GTIN 4047443002037