Descaler 73110732 Xavax Premium Descaler for High Quality Coffee Machines
3.99 GBP SRP
GTIN: 4047443049216


- Specially developed for regular descaling of high-quality coffee and espresso machines of all common brands
- Ideal for full automatics, semiautomatics, filter load-bearing devices and coffee pad automats
- Hot decalcification with a machine pressure of 15 bar possible (the mixture prevents the solution from foaming and damage caused by increased gas pressure)
- Also suitable for filter machines, water digesters and all the other devices and household objects which have to be descaled and which do not have an acid-sensitive surface (e.g. in hairdresser's shops, nail salons and medical practices)
- With child safety catch and sealed cap
- Apart from flavour losses with the coffee quality, calcifications can cause heavy damage to machines and shorten the service life considerably
- Descaling with amidosulfonic acid does not require any reaction time. During the descaling process the lime is dissolved and flushed away. This process is completely odourless and neutral in taste
- With 4 high-quality additives for optimum corrosion protection (metal and plastic parts in the device are not attacked)
- Calcifications in the machine lead to:
- Longer brew times of your device with higher cost of electricity
- Lower water temperatures, therefore taste losses with coffee
- Blockages in the lines of your machine
- Corrosion at metal parts and seals
- Low reliability with high costs
- Contents: 500 ml

What's in the Box

- 1 premium descaler

Technical Details

Content: 500
Equipment: No
Model: Liquid
Safety Lock: Screw Top
Usage: Fully Automatic Coffee Machines


Effective and Economical - Xavax Premium Descaler for High-Quality Coffee machines

Do you wish to experience the pleasure of coffee, espresso and cappuccino as made by a professional barista, but in the comfort of your own home? With delicious smooth texture, a delicate milk foam and an enticing aroma? Thanks to the wide range of coffee and espresso machines now available for the domestic kitchen, this is relatively easy to achieve. However, even the best machine requires careful maintenance to continue to serve hot and delicious coffee as time goes on. Calcium deposits in coffee machines are not only unsightly, they also affect the quality and taste of coffee and thereby reduce the life of the appliance.

Descale your machine regularly and improve taste and efficiency with Xavax Premium Descaler Xavax for high-quality coffee machines.

Hot or Cold Application - Premium Descaler is always the Right Choice

Though developed for regular descaling of fully and semi-automatic coffee and espresso machines, Xavax Premium Descaler can also be used for filter machines, kettles and other appliances around the home.

Thanks to its special formula you can use the descaler both cold and hot. The solution does not foam, preventing the build-up of excessive pressure which may otherwise damage the machine. Four high-quality additives in the descaler offer optimum corrosion protection: metal and plastic parts in the unit are not attacked by any aggressive chemicals.

Especially rich: bottle lasts for five applications

To achieve the best results, there is no need to use the whole bottle: Used regularly, 100ml should be more than sufficient to decalcify your coffee machine. Highly economical, a single bottle of premium descaler goes a long way, with up to five separate applications.

Sulfamic acid in the descaler works quickly to dissolve and remove calcification without long exposure times. Immediately on application it begins to dissolve areas of lime and rinse it away for a completely odourless and tasteless finish.

Why descale? Effects of calcium deposits in coffee machines

Calcification impacts heavily on the performance of a machine, having a negative effect on your taste buds and your wallet too. Too much calcium in the machine leads to blockages in the pipes, which increases brewing time as a result of decreased water temperature. Lower water temperatures weakens the flavour of the coffee. The heavier the deposits of lime,


2 years legal warranty only

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GTIN 4047443049216

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