microSD Memory Card SD4671 SanDisk microSDHC 4GB Class 4 + SD Adapter Photo
6.19 GBP SRP
GTIN: 0619659051280


- This removable storage medium allows data to be written and erased as often as is required
- Suitable for terminal devices with a microSDHC slot (not compatible with standard microSD cards)
- With an adapter also suitable for terminal devices with an SDHC slot (not for standard SD cards)
- Original brand name product from SanDisk, first equipment quality

What's in the Box

- 1 micro SecureDigital high capacity card (microSDHC card)
- 1 adapter for SD card format

Technical Details

Incl. Adapter: SD-Adapter
Model: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC)
Memory Capacity: 4 GB
Line: Standard
Class: Class 4


Short on Storage Space on your Phone?

With recent revolutions in mobile phone technology and the introduction of the camera phone, it is now often the case that rather than lugging around both a digital camera and out phones in our bags or pockets on a night out, we now use our mobile phones to take pictures instead. However, this leads to problems with storage space as many phones simply do not have enough of it only allowing the bare minimum of high resolution images with classic old picture having to be deleted in favour of new ones.

SanDisk now introduces the microSDHC (microSD High-Capacity) 4GB card, launching this popular format into the high-capacity range of memory cards for mobile phones to provide more storage for music, videos, and quality photographs. Get snap happy and take all the pictures you want to be securely stored on the card. Then when the card is full, you can simply replace it with another or quickly and easily transfer the images/data onto a computer using the handy SD adapter or another card reader.

The microSDHC 4GB is only compatible in SDHC supported devices designed to accommodate high-capacity cards.

SanDisk microSDHC 4GB product includes a full-size SD adapter.


5 Years Warranty

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Article Information

1) Gerneral Data
Brand SanDisk
Warranty 5 Years Warranty
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GTIN 0619659051280

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