eBook Bag 00150802 Tuff Luv e-Book Bag "Kobo WiFi Embrance" Book Form for Amazon Kindle, Purple
22.99 GBP SRP
GTIN: 5055205297750

Technical Details

Material: Artificial Leather
Type of Closure: Elastic
Colour: Purple
Recommended Use: eBook


Tuff-Luv have specially created a range of cases, designed to lovingly fit and protect your generic tablet Nexus 7/Kobo/Joytab/Kindle Fire/Prestigio/MemoPad 7. Their Tuff-Luv Embrace Case for Kobo Wifi Faux Leather includes secure corner straps to ensure your new Nexus 7/Kobo/Joytab/Kindle Fire/Prestigio/MemoPad 7 stays where it belongs! You can have the peace of mind knowing your Nexus 7/Kobo/Joytab/Kindle Fire/Prestigio/MemoPad 7 is safe and at the same time have complete access to the touch screen as well as all the other functions and ports you need to use your Nexus 7/Kobo/Joytab/Kindle Fire/Prestigio/MemoPad 7. On the back of the case you will find a recessed band so you can continue reading, just using one hand, all the time keeping you perfectly in reach of the controls. Unlike other handheld cases, which require you to stretch your hand over the back of the case, the Tuff-Luv Embrace case supports a natural one-handed reading position, with access to page-turn controls on your device. The recessed band design eliminates the extra bulk normally associated with strapped covers, keeping the case slim and trim. Bumpy commute? Simply slip a finger through the hole in the strap for additional grip. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading, and never have to set it down to turn the page! The hand band is aligned perfectly to keep you in reach of the controls, while maintaining a comfortable position. Simple and tough, to protect against all the bumps and scratched that the world has to offer. On the inside you will find a fine microfibre interior lining to give your generic tablet Nexus 7/Kobo/Joytab/Kindle Fire/Prestigio/MemoPad 7 that extra care and attention.


2 Years Warranty

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Article Information

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Brand Tuff Luv
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GTIN 5055205297750

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