Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle 00110264 Xavax Nozzle for Joints FD-100 with Dust Brush
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Fed up with a vacuum which is unable to remove the dust and dirt from the corners and joints of your home?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to vacuum your home knowing all the dust and dirt buried deep into the corners of your floor and furniture is being sucked up and taken away to never be seen again?

The typical scenario….

You have just vacuumed your house and once again, the vacuum has left a substantial amount of dust and dirt around the parameters of the room which is likely to be trood or moved around the room. How frustrating! Your house is still as dirty in many places as when you began vacuuming and the simple task of vacuuming has now become an onerous long chore of you trying to find a way of getting to those hard to reach places.

Stay dust and dirt free and clean up with Hama!

The Xavax FD-100 Nozzle for Joint with Dust Brush, brought to you by Hama, can help to prevent those frustrating moments and make vacuuming everywhere around your home super-easy by providing you with a reliable tool for those crevices which can be attached to your vacuum to suck away all that dust, dirt and mess in no time at all, leaving you with a beautiful, all over clean house! Result!

Powerful, precision cleaning!

Suitable for nearly all vacuum cleaners, the Xavax FD-100 Nozzle with Dust Brush, brought to you by Hama, is a slim built nozzle which is designed to clean and zap up all that nasty dust and dirt from all those hard to reach corners, joints and crevices which would otherwise be left; for example under the sofa, shelf or cupboard or in the air grille in your car. Diminish that dust with this fantastic brush!

The Xavax FD-100 Nozzle with Dust Brush is easily connected in a matter a seconds via the built in tube measuring 35 mm but in the instance your vacuum cleaner requires a smaller connection, you can simply attach the enclosed adapter for 32 mm. Therefore, no matter what vacuum cleaner you have, virtually all of you can enjoy the benefits of the great Xavax FD-100 Nozzle with Dust Brush from Hama for a continuously clean home, car or office like never before!

Buy today and clean with ease and the confidence that you will never see that dust again.


- Nozzle for cleaning corners and joints
- Slim design
- The plug-on dust brush removes dust and fluff ball also from small grooves and gaps (ideally in the car for air grille)
- Suitable for nearly all vacuum cleaners
- Tube connection: 35 mm (with enclosed adaptor also suitable for 32 mm)

What's in the Box

- 1 FD-100 nozzle for joints
- 1 dust brush

Technical Details

Tube Connection: 32 mm / 35 mm
Nozzle Type: Crevice Tool

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