3D Glasses 00109829 EX3D EX3D1008 Polarized Glasses, women, classic, brown
29.99 GBP SRP
GTIN: 0800414333530


- These polarized glasses provide a fantastic 3D experience and are suitable for all passive 3D televisions, 3D projectors, 3D notebooks, 3D computer monitors and 3D cinemas using polarization technology
- Modern, classic, polarized 3D glasses in sunglasses design
- With patented, curved glasses for a great 3D experience
- Including UV filter which protects against harmful ultraviolet rays
- With master image and RealD certification (standard for 3D cinemas)

Note for Consumers:
Should you go out, the UV filter also protects against solar radiation.

What's in the Box

- 1 pair of polarized glasses
- 1 spectacle case
- 1 cleaning cloth

Technical Details

Angle of polarization: circular, angle 135°/45°
Material: Plastic
Battery Type: None
Number of Batteries: 0
3D Technology: Passive (Polarisation)
Frame Colour: Brown
For TV Brand: Universally Usable

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Brand EX3D
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GTIN 0800414333530