Photo/Video Battery 077321 Hama "DP 321" Li-Ion Battery for Nikon EN-EL3e
69.99 GBP SRP
GTIN: 4007249773210


The last thing you want when out on an adventure with your top of the line camera is for your battery to go dead, with no chance to re-charge until you get home that night, missing the rest of the days amazing photos. This is a problem that can be easily eliminated by always having the back up battery available to you and with 1500mAh you won´t get caught short by lack of power.

Most camera bags have a specific compartment for your spare battery which takes up very little space, the battery is extremely lightweight so you don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary weight to your camera bag. Having a spare battery available can make the difference between a ruined day and capturing the most precious family moments or spectacular views.

Available in Grey the battery will blend in discreetly with most cameras, looking just as good as the original battery.

Make sure that you are always prepared with a charged spare battery at easy reach to take full advantage of the vast amount of technology available at your fingertips. After a long day of capturing magic you may run out of battery but your camera doesn’t have to!


- Lithium ion battery with particularly long service life, allows you to use your camera for a long period of time
- Brand-name cells ensure longer service life and stable life cycles
- Safety electronics to protect the cells
- Polyswitch stops current flow in case of damage or overheating
- Assured quality thanks to continuous control of the safety electronics and a reliable capacity indication
- Gold-plated contacts prevent oxidation and ensure optimum current flow
- 5-year guarantee

- Equivalent to Nikon EN-EL3e

What's in the Box

- 1 "DP 321" Li-Ion battery

Technical Details

Model: Li-Ion
Power: 11,1 Wh
Capacity: 1500 mAh
Voltage: 7,4 V
Colour: Grey
Device Specific: Yes
Usage: Digital Camera

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  1. Original Photo/Video Battery Nikon EN-EL3e

Article Information

1) Gerneral Data
Brand Hama
Warranty 5 Years Warranty
2) price list / catalog data
GTIN 4007249773210

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