Descaler 73110752 Xavax Descaling Tablets
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- Highly efficient descaler for all household appliances which heat up water, e.g. coffee, espresso, capsule and pad automats. Also for pressureless steam cookers, water digesters etc.
- The harmful lime is removed by "taking care" of the devices
- Pressed in tabs for easy handling, therefore easier dosage compared with liquid descalers
- Very fast solubility
- Dose and use in accordance with the indications of the manufacturer
- 6 tabs, one weighs 16g, in blister packaging

What's in the Box

- 6 descaling tablets

Technical Details

Model: Pill
Usage: Fully Automatic Coffee Machines


Goodbye Limescale!

Over time, household and trade appliances can accumulate a significant amount of limescale, a hard, off-white, chalky deposit found in many hot-water central heating systems, which can impair the operation of various components or damage them, leading to a considerably shortened service life. What is more, limescale can be unsightly and extremely hard to clean if left to fester in household items. With all this in mind, the limescale in household appliances which heat up water such as water digesters, needs to be kept under control and Hama have brought you just the product to do that with the Xavax Descaling Tablets.

Farewell Limescale!

The Xavax Descaling Tablets brought to you by Hama, with 6 included, is a high quality, easy to use cleaning product, specifically designed to attack, dissolve and flush away quickly, carefully and easily already encrusted calcareous desposits (limescale) being stored in everyday used household appliances which heat up water; for example steam cookers and water digesters. The pressed in tablets are a clever design for easy handling and boast an easier dosage compared to liquid descalers. Furthermore, the descaler has a very fast solubility which enables the limescale to be removed whilst not having to spend hours waiting.

With regular use of the Xavax Descaling Tablets, you can keep that nasty limescale at bay and prolong the lifetime of your household appliances, so you can enjoy them for a long time to come.


2 years legal warranty only

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GTIN 4047443077332