USB Memory Stick 00108048 SanDisk Cruzer Ultra 32GB
32.04 GBP SRP
GTIN: 0619659065973


Our Lives Preserved in Electronic Format

With many aspects of our daily lives becoming more and more digitalized, most of our important files and documents such as photos, music, films, letters and spreadsheets can now be found stored on our computers. It is needless to say that this is far more convenient and space efficient, having all files in one place for easy access minus the huge pile of paper! However, if files are stored on a big bulky device such as a home computer then this can limit portability, and in all cases files can be left vulnerable to being lost if your computer crashes or is lost or stolen. Heaven forbid that a lifetime of precious photos and documents should disappear, never to be seen again!

Transfer Files in a Flash!

The SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB Flash Drive from Hama provides the perfect portable solution for data storage and back-up with an attractive, stylish black design and compact size that allows it to be easily slipped into a pocket or bag for convenient transportation and use on the go. Transferring files back and forth from a computer or viewing files directly from the pen couldn’t be easier thanks to a data transfer speed of up to 15MB/s and compatibility with all terminal devices with a USB interface. Simply plug the pen into the USB slot of your computer or chosen device and drag and drop files to start the transfer. There’s plenty of space to spare with the 32GB capacity, allowing you to transfer a number of files at once! Either remove the pen and insert into the USB slot of another USB compatible device in order to transfer and view files or store it somewhere safe as a back-up, data can be written and erased as many times as is required.


- This removable storage medium allows data to be written and erased as often as is required and is ideal for capacity expansion
- Removable USB 2.0 storage medium (downward compatible to USB 1.1)
- Sturdy plastic housing with a retractable USB connector
- Supports Windows Vista ReadyBoost function
- Includes SanDisk SecureAccess software (download necessary): protects your private files in an encrypted, password protected folder (128-bit AES encryption)
- With free 2GB online backup from YuuWaa™ (registration required)

System Requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7, Linux, MacOS X ver. 10.1.2 or higher

Note for Consumers:
Advantages of the SanDisk SecureAccess software:
- Protected access - your private files are protected by a personal password and automatically encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption
- Easy to use - simply drag-and-drop files into a private folder or "vault" on your SanDisk USB flash drive
- Download and further information at

What's in the Box

- 1 Cruzer Ultra

Technical Details

Data Transfer Rate: 15 MB/s
Retractable USB-Connector: Yes
USB Standard: USB 2.0
Backup-Function: No
Bootable: No
Data Protection With Password : Yes
Material: Metal / Plastic
Vista ReadyBoost: Yes
Depth: 1,04 mm
Height: 5,6 mm
Width: 2,15 mm
Memory Capacity: 32 GB
U3: No
Colour: Black / Red
Line: Ultra

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Article Information

1) Gerneral Data
Brand SanDisk
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only
2) price list / catalog data
GTIN 0619659065973