Premium Cleaning Kit

Premium microfibre
Extremely absorbent and washable microfibre towel for lint-free cleaning

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Item: 00108328
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Cleaning Kit


- Cleaning gel for tablet PCs, eBooks, notebooks
- Extremely absorbent and washable microfibre towel for lint-free cleaning
- Microfiber cleaning cloth (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
- Removes dust, dirt and grease

What's in the Box

- 1 cleaning gel
- 1 microfiber cloth

Technical Details

Logistik (Anzahl, Präsentation)

Set Contents in Pieces 2


Component Microfibre Cloth/Pump-Action Spray


Recommended Use Tablet


Achieve a spotless, sparkling screen for your Tablet PCs, notebooks and eBooks with this high quality cleaning set from Hama!

Notebook, Tablet PC and eBook screens easily collect dust, dirt and grime from regular use, being left loose in bags and more which if left, can significantly reduce the life span of the device. For that reason, your Tablet PCs, eBooks and notebooks need to be regularly cleaned however these devices do not excuse any mistakes made during the cleaning process, which is why a specialised cleaning kit should be used and become a staple product for every owner.

The cleaning kit comes with 2 parts featuring a high quality cleaning gel and washable microfibre cloth; both of which are designed to help you to get your desired finish. By using the included gel, you can remove all the gastly dust, dirt, grease and fingerprints, which are affecting you visual when using the device or worse, those of which are affecting your ability to be able to use the device at all. The microfibre cloth is included to wipe away tougher marks and grime without leaving streaks and doing so in a gentle way to give you a clearer, sharper view of your subjects.

Overall you will be nothing less than impressed by the final result, and you will be able to continue to view images, documents and surf the internet clearly with no impairment from a dirty screen. A fantastic little kit for eBook, notebook and Tablet PCs everywhere, at a fantastic little price!

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal

Article Information

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Brand Hama
Warranty 2 years legal warranty only

2) price list / catalog data

GTIN 4047443108043


2 years legal warranty only

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108328 / Premium Cleaning Kit European Union / English 05.10.2015
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  • Tablet PC

    Acer | Iconia W1

  • Tablet PC

    Intenso | TAB 744

  • Tablet PC

    TechniSat | TechniPad 8G

  • Tablet PC

    TechniSat | TechniPad 8

  • Tablet PC

    Odys | Maven 7

  • Tablet PC

    Nokia | Lumia 2520

  • Tablet PC

    Jay-tech | PID 7901

  • Tablet PC

    TechniSat | TechniPad 10G

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