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Secure, reliable, heavy-duty

The document shredders from Hama

In your office, stacks of paper, over a metre high, line up next to each – full of old documents that are relevant only for you. Have you got to the point where you no longer know what to do with the vast quantities of confidential documents? In times when protection of your data plays an ever-greater role, it is all the more important to destroy private documents securely.

A document shredder is essential in any well-equipped workspace, whether at home or in the office – data protection is becoming increasingly important. Our graduated product series ranges from classic models for home use to professional models for office use. Our GDPR-compliant document shredders deliver a particularly fine micro cut, thereby guaranteeing optimum protection of sensitive data.

Our benefits – your benefits

To ensure that your document shredder from Hama lasts a long time, we place great emphasis on top quality. This extends from development of the product to optimal cut quality.

Top product quality for a long service life

Two-year guarantee (applies only to document shredders)

Optimal cut quality on all models ensures fewer paper jams and a longer service life

Outstanding value for money





Price category
Frequency of use
Protection class
Data security level

Strip Cut (Streifen) 8 mm

Strip Cut (Streifen) 6 mm

Cross Cut (Partikel) 4 x 40 mm

Micro Cut (Partikel) 3 x 9 mm,
Autofeed 4 x 20 mm

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