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Accessories for streaming boxes

Everything you need for the television of the future

Will you be watching the Sunday evening feature film at exactly 8:15 pm? This way of watching TV is becoming obsolete, as television becomes increasingly personalised. The change in viewing behaviour is due to the emergence of smart TV, but also to the new streaming boxes such as Amazon Fire TV or the Apple TV, which are finding their way into Germany’s living rooms. So it will come as no surprise that Hama has all the necessary accessories.

In response to the ‘smart TV box’ trend, Hama has already put together an accessory range that has everything ready for the streaming boxes: from the connection cable to proper protection for the remote control and the wall bracket for the box.


If you have a current television set with an HDMTM connection and do not want to switch to a smart TV, you can quite easily upgrade your existing TV. This is made possible through the small streaming boxes that connect to the television via HDMITM You connect them to the Internet via a wireless LAN, and the television is thereby turned into a smart TV. This means smart contents: apps, video on demand, integration in the network.


Apps are the future of television. They are already used on smartphones and tablets – everyone is well aware of the benefits of apps and appreciates them. Thanks to streaming boxes, you can now use apps on your standard TV. You then get the full range of entertainment, and can decide what you want to watch, when and even where.

✓ Stream films and series
✓ View photos from the cloud
✓ Transfer videos from your smartphone
✓ Stream music
✓ Game apps
✓ Speech input