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Glass or film display protector

A guide to choosing the right display protector for you

Protective glass or film? Time and again, you ask yourself: ‘Which display protector is right for my smartphone?’ However, it’s not so easy to answer this question, as every display protector has its advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has their own display protection requirements.

We will help you to decide. One thing is for sure: With Hama, your smartphone is always very well protected.

What requirements must the display protector fulfil?

Clearly, your own requirements are at the forefront. Is your main priority to prevent scratches on the display, or does your everyday work or an active leisure pursuit call for advanced protection from display breakage? Are you looking for long-lasting display protection, or is a discreet look more important to you? As you see, there are questions you must ask yourself. Our overview gives you an initial idea of various requirements; it helps you to see which type of display protector – glass or film – would be more suitable for you.

Requirements Glass display protector Film display protector
Prevent scratches
Maximum surface hardness
Prevent display breakage
Discreet look
Feel of the display remains unchanged
Long-lasting protection
Optimum view
Can be removed without residue
Avoids formation of bubbles*

*(if there is no dust underneath)

Glass display protector vs. Film display protector

Here, we compare our two best-selling products using the Samsung Galaxy S10 as an example: on the one hand, the 3D full-screen protective glass, and on the other the ‘Full-Screen Curved’ film display protector. The items used in the test are likewise available for many other smartphone models, as are numerous other glass and film protectors.

  • Display protection

    Glass display protector

    3D full-screen protective glass for Samsung Galaxy S10

    Film display protector

    ‘Full-Screen Curved’ film display protector for Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Protection Level

    A higher number denotes a stronger protective property or additional property

    Glass display protector

    Film display protector

  • Scratch protection

    Glass display protector

    10H* nano-tech coating for maximum scratch protection: extremely resistant to scratches, breakage and shock

    *10H: currently the highest level of hardness. The glass resists scratches from a 10H pencil.

    Film display protector

  • Surface

    Glass display protector

    Perfect Touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating

    Film display protector

    High-tech film to protect the display against fingerprints, dust and scratches

  • View

    Glass display protector

    Ultra-HD quality: maximum transparency and optimal colour reproduction

    Film display protector

    Highly transparent ultra-clear material in HD quality for outstanding brilliance

  • ‘Case-friendly’

    The glass and films are optimally suited for use in combination with smartphone cases and covers.

    Glass display protector

    Film display protector

  • Mounting aid

    Easy-On – attachment aids for easy attachment

    Glass display protector

    Film display protector

  • Material

    Glass display protector

    Hardened glass

    Film display protector


  • Appearance on the smartphone

    Glass display protector

    Film display protector

  • Durability

    Glass display protector

    The glass lasts longer due to its material. Only needs to be replaced in the case of direct breakage.

    Film display protector

    The film wears more quickly due to its soft material. It therefore needs to be changed more often. However, the film has a ‘self-healing’ function that can make small, fine scratches in the film disappear.

  • Price (RRP)

    Glass display protector

    EUR 24.99

    Film display protector

    EUR 14.99


Deciding between a glass and film display protector is not easy. Which of the two provides optimum protection for you will depend on your requirements. The glass wins outright in matters of scratch protection and durability; the film, on the other hand, is appealing as it is less visible and offers good value for money.

Glass display protectors

Our glass protectors prevent a lot of damage and your smartphone gets the maximum possible display protection. High-quality materials and the fit of the protective glass ensure that you can take the device with you everywhere without any need for concern: Beneath the protective glass, the display is totally safe from scratches, shocks and impacts. If something does get broken, then it’s only the glass display protector. And that’s how it should be.

Screen Protective Glass

The glass

The glass consists of a total of four different layers. This guarantees that the glass is totally safe and resistant (also called ‘four-layer technology’). The glass cannot shatter if it gets broken, but behaves like a windscreen or shower cubicle. The shatter protection film, which is installed in the middle of the glass, holds the fragments together. This also means that the display remains protected until the glass is replaced.

  1. Anti-fingerprint coating
  2. High-tech glass (hardness level 10)
  3. Shatter protection film
  4. Special adhesive layer


Our glass is very easy to attach thanks to the supplied mounting aid. There are various types of mounting aids: the Easy-On® mounting frame or the Easy-On® stickers. For details of the aids supplied, please refer to the product description.

Easy-On® mounting frame

With the mounting frame, attaching the glass display protector has never been so easy! It allows you to position the protective glass on the smartphone with millimetre precision, so that it sits perfectly at the first attempt and the display is provided with top protection in record time.

Easy-On® stickers

Thanks to Easy-On stickers, putting on the glass display protector is very easy and convenient. You set the position of the glass with small adhesive strips, and then you simply flip it around onto the display. The glass is immediately in the correct position.

Film display protectors

With our film protectors, your smartphone is afforded outstanding protection against the ordeals of everyday life: Whether you like to keep the device in your trouser pocket together with small change and keys, often work with input pens, or are generally a ‘heavy smartphone user’ – beneath the film, the display remains as it was when new.


Our films are very easy to attach to the display – thanks to the supplied mounting aid. It comprises either the Easy-On stickers or the Easy-On mounting adapter. For details of the type of mounting, please refer to the respective product.

Easy-On® stickers

Thanks to Easy-On stickers, putting on the display film is very easy and convenient. You set the position of the film with small adhesive strips, and then you simply flip it around onto the display. The film is immediately in the correct position.

Easy-On® mounting adapter

With the Easy-On® adapter, putting on the film display protector is child’s play. Simply insert the adapter on the smartphone, place the film display protector in the adapter, remove the adhesive strip and apply the film over the smartphone. The film sits perfectly on the display and the smartphone is protected from display damage.

The perfect combination

We also take care of the sensitive back of your smartphone and offer numerous covers (including ones in booklet style) for almost any smartphone model. The covers are perfectly suited for use with our glass display protectors.

Whatever the type of cover, and in whatever colour – you are sure to find what you are looking for, and your smartphone is perfectly protected. Trust the experts with the all-round protection of your smartphone.

Egal welche Art, egal welche Farbe – bei uns werden Sie sicher fündig! Vertrauen Sie Ihr Smartphone dem Rumdumschutz vom Profi an.

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