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Remote Release System DCCS

The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multicomponent system from Hama.

The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multicomponent system from Hama. The camera models can be released via cable, timer, radio transmission or infrared motion sensor. This makes it very easy to take time exposures, self-portraits, continuous shots and many other types of photograph. For all popular camera models that have a remote control, there is a specific connection cable, which is separately available.

The highlight

is that if you ever replace your camera with a newer model, or if you use several cameras, only the cable has to be exchanged.

Clear pictures guaranteed

The cable remote shutter release is indispensable when long exposure times are necessary and it is important to achieve shake-free photographs. Even if you press the shutter release button very carefully, the camera is subject to minute shakes and wobbles. For macrophotography and extreme telephoto pictures, the classic cable shutter release serves as a simple yet ideal aid for people on the move. You can use it to set the focus and to release the shutter – in normal or bulb mode (lockable for crisp time exposures). 5-metre extension cables can be connected in series if more distance is required between you and the camera.

Cable Remote Release "DCCSystem" Base, f. cameras with remote control input

Have your finger on the pulse

The timer remote shutter release brings variety to the demanding world of photography. With this tool you can capture a beautiful flower coming into bloom or chronicle the events on a market square over the course of an entire day. In addition to classic stand-alone shots, it is possible to create complete photo series with individually adjustable time intervals. Whether you´re on holiday or at work, the remote shutter release is always a convenient assistant that makes photography more straightforward by releasing the shutter for you.

Timer Remote Release "DCCSystem" Base, f. cameras with remote control input

Get far closer

The wireless remote shutter release is the ideal tool for any photographer when it comes to taking self-portraits or close-up shots. In order to take detailed pictures of subjects that are especially shy, curious or dangerous, it is often necessary to establish a distance between them and the photographer. With the remote shutter release, you can bridge this distance with ease while at the same time getting really close to your subject.

"DCCSystem" Base Wireless Remote Release

Perfect timing

There are countless applications for infrared sensors, including animal, sport, close-up and commercial photography. They can also be used as infrared remote controls. In short, they help whenever you want to record extraordinary or difficult moments such as at the start or finish line of a race, or when taking pictures of timid animals that usually keep out of sight. The new remote shutter release is a reliable tool for achieving the perfect shot at the right moment.

"DCCSystem" Base IR Remote Release with Photoelectric Detector
Cable remote shutter release Timer remote shutter release Wireless remote shutter release Infrared remote release
Two-stage release button
(autofocus, release)
yes yes yes yes
Time exposure (Bulb)
(autofocus, release)
yes yes yes yes
Continuous shooting no yes yes yes
Delayed shutter release no yes, individuell yes, 4 Sec. yes, 4 Sec.
shutter release
no yes, free timing no no
Motion sensor no no no yes
Release distance 80cm + 5m extension 80cm + 5m extension wireless up to 150m photo sensor / remote control
ca. 5m