In our Download Centre you find the latest software for Bluetooth, digital photo accessories, PC cards, USB, etc.

  1. Digital Photo

    The best support for your digital photo accessories with the possibility to transfer data via adapter, Firewire, USB, USB stick or parallel: Take the latest drivers from here.

  2. Gamecontroller

    Driver support for PC game controllers: Whether for Double Action AirGrip, the "BlackForce" PC gamepad and the "Outlandish" joystick or for racing wheels - the latest drivers for game controllers are available for download here.

  3. Mice

    Hama mice always up-to-date: Whether software for scroll wheels, additional buttons, standard mice or gaming mice - here you are best supplied with the appropriate driver software.

  4. Keyboards

    Whether for Slimline, multimedia or ergonomic keyboards: Here you can get the latest driver software.

  5. Headsets

    Here you will find drivers for download that allow special effects like 7.1 surround sound, equalizer settings and profile settings.

  6. MP3 Player

    Best support guaranteed: Drivers and driver information all about our MP3 players. Let the music play.

  7. PDA

    State-of-the-art driver support: The latest driver software for PDA accessories (e.g. for an external keypad) can be downloaded here.

  8. Bluetooth

    Best support for Bluetooth compatible accessories: Whether for your configuration software or USB adapter - here you find the latest driver software from the field of Bluetooth.

  9. Firewire

    The latest software for data transfer via Firewire: Update your Firewire products with an operating system up to Windows 2000.

  10. Infrared

    The latest drivers for infrared adapters are available here.

  11. Network

    The latest software for Hama network products: Drivers for wireless LAN products such as USB sticks and PC cards, routers or PCI cards and for Ethernet products can be downloaded here.

  12. PC Cards

    Drivers for PC cards: Whether suppported by Firewire or for interfaces, whether for network or USB cards, whether wireless LAN or for the field of TV - here, you will find the appropriate software for any applications.

  13. USB

    Here you can find the appropriate accessories for products with USB connection, e.g. adapters, headsets, hubs and card readers.

  14. DataPlus

    Software for connecting mobile phones to a PC or notebook: Whether via USB or without cables via Bluetooth - the latest drivers update your hardware to the latest technological standards.