Hama "Finest Sports" Belt Bag for Mobile Phones, Running Belt for Jogging etc., rosé

Shade of colour

Pink, Red Anthracite

Music on, mobile phone in the running belt and go! For an active dash through the woods and across fields or a leisurely dog walk in the evening, you'll be glad to have storage space for your mobile phone and valuables. Our running belt keeps all your stuff safe without getting in the way.

  • Reflective running pouch: silver reflector for better visibility at dusk and in the dark
  • Whether it be water splashes or sweat: mobile phones are perfectly protected in water-repellent Lycra
  • Stored safely in the bum bag during sports: large zipped pocket for smartphone, handkerchief etc. and a small pocket for keys, money and so on
  • Always have sounds with you in the belt bag: handy opening for connecting headphones
  • Sporty mobile phone bag for S to XL: with the length-adjustable, elastic strap with secure belt fastener, exercise and sport is great fun for everyone

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Item No.: 00177994
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Always have your smartphone with you during sport

Protect your smartphone from the elements with the belt pouch

Modern functional clothing for sports often has no pockets. And if there are any, the smartphone won't fit. That's what the well-fitting "Finest Sports" sports belt bag from Hama is for. The high-quality material provides particularly good protection against rain and dirt. With the reflector strips, you will be seen better by other road users. The adjustable strap ensures optimal wearing comfort at all times.

High quality material of the belt bag

Finally time for a jog, but oh no, it's raining. If you now hold your smartphone in your hand or put it in your pocket, it will get wet easily. The water-repellent function of the Lycra fabric reliably remedies this. This keeps your mobile phone dry in rain and wet conditions. An extra coating in the hip pocket also protects your smartphone from dirt and dust. Rain, mud and snow - none of that stops you now. Your smartphone is always safe and sound in the "Finest Sports" bag.

Everything safely stowed in the "Finest Sports" bum bag

Anyone who runs longer distances knows: you need lots of little things on the road, like a handkerchief, magnesium tablets or a protein bar. With the additional compartments next to the mobile phone pocket, this is no problem. Keys, headphones and other important small items fit in there. The smartphone compartment is also separated from the rest of the bag by a practical zip. This way, the mobile phone is well protected from sharp objects such as keys, which can damage the display.

Length-adjustable strap

Whether you are an extreme athlete or do occasional sports - the adjustable strap always fits. No matter what kind of sportswear you wear, the bag won't slip. The secure strap closure also ensures that the bag does not open unexpectedly and fall to the ground. You can also do cross-country runs in difficult terrain, for example, and the closure holds perfectly.

Visible in the dark

reflective strips next to the zips on the bag support visibility in the dark. The light from oncoming cyclists and motorists is reflected back and you are perfectly visible. Whether at dusk or at night, with the reflectors no one will miss you.

Freedom of movement with the hip pocket

If you take your smartphone out of your pocket when you are out and about, for example because you want to check the way, this is possible without the cables of the headphones getting in the way. There is a practical opening for the headphone plug on the left side in the smartphone compartment for this purpose. Well accommodated, the smartphone does not interfere with the natural flow of movement.

Smartphone, keys and headphones always safely stowed away when jogging with the "Finest Sports" sports belt bag.