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Black/Grey Rose/Rose Gold

Smartwatch, fitness tracker or running watch - with the "Fit Watch 5910", you're always up to date and have a motivational coach to raise you to a new level of fitness. Running, spinning, fitness or yoga - let's get moving!

  • You want to know exactly: display your exact route while jogging, cycling or hiking with the integrated GPS - no smartphone required
  • Don't miss a message ever again: notifications via vibration alarm and display with message preview for WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, calls, e-mails and much more
  • Whether in the rain or the pool: protection class IP68 means that the water-tight fitness tracker is suitable for all activities in and on water
  • Swipe like on a smartphone: user-friendly, full-colour 1.3" Full Touch LCD display for a quick overview of all functions
  • Jogging, swimming or yoga: choose from 14 types of sport and obtain an analysis based on your choice
  • Keep an eye on your pulse 24 hours a day: continuous heart rate measurement even during periods of rest and sleep
  • Sweet dreams or turning thoughts over in your head: with the sleep analysis function, know exactly how your deep sleep, dream and waking phases are divided up
  • With sound, everything runs better: Control music from the smartphone via the fitness watch, e.g. Start/Stop, next track and previous track
  • Every droplet of sweat counts: the Fitness Watch automatically detects when you have been exercising for a long time and records this directly after confirmation
  • This is an app you can rely on: "Hama FIT Pro" is quality assurance-tested and every function has been extensively checked in Germany
  • No more couch potato: the exercise reminder pushes you to new peak performances after a pre-set time
  • A daily goal of 10,000 steps: using the step counter, accurately track how many steps you take in a day
  • Sporting daily calorie balance: on the display, see how many calories you have burned in total and when you burned the most calories
  • 6-day run time - one battery charge: record up to 6 days of activities with just one battery charge, and be ready for the next challenge after just 1.5 hours of charging

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Fit Watch on the wrist.
Item number: 178606


Are you looking to get back to your former fitness level and start doing sport regularly again? Get yourself a reliable training partner: The ‘Fit Watch 5910’ smartwatch has a coach feature that monitors your training successes, body functions and distances in a variety of ways using GPS, and motivates you to achieve your best performance. Besides the fitness tracker functions, you get all the benefits of a smartwatch; for example, you can display notifications, so that you don’t miss important information while jogging.

GPS while running.


You work out your new jogging lap or cycle route with Google Maps – but is the route length really accurate? Simply rely on the smartwatch with integrated GPS – this works entirely without a smartphone, and you can still keep an eye on every metre. Later on, you can track precisely where your route has taken you on your smartphone. In this way, you can increase the intensity of your exercise with each additional lap, and track how many kilometres you have covered directly on the fitness tracker. This will, no doubt, easily motivate you to add a few more hundred metres.

Nachrichten auf dem Display.


Do you like to completely switch off during sport? Absolutely! But right now you are waiting for the football results of your favourite club, your exam results or an important call. Before you decide to skip exercise, simply display all important messages on the smartwatch – as a message preview on the display and with a vibration alarm. That way, you can stay informed even when jogging, spinning or doing yoga, without having to hold your phone in your hand. Of course, there are times when you’re waiting for important news and not doing sport. Therefore, the notification function on the smartwatch is always useful – particularly in the office, where constantly checking your smartphone does not make a good impression.

An important call, e-mails, messages via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook or posts from Instagram – you will no longer miss anything with the smartwatch, no matter where you are.

Fit Watch while swimming.

Protection class IP68

It’s pouring with rain – you would prefer to postpone your jogging until the weather gets better, so that you can track your successes again. With the ‘Fit Watch 5910’ fitness tracker, you no longer have any excuses: The running watch has an IP68 rating, meaning that water, rain or snow won’t do it any harm. So get into your weatherproof sports kit and become an all-weather runner. If you prefer to stay on or in the water anyway, the fitness tracker offers protection from water when swimming, playing beach volleyball and doing water sports. Soggy conditions in the autumn, or a hot summer’s day – with the ‘Fit Watch 5910’, you can track all your activities at all times.


Your goal for this week: Add one kilometre to the distance you run, or take part in one more fitness course! What actually happens inside our bodies when we take up greater sporting challenges? And how do the functions of our bodies behave in rest periods or under stress? With the smartwatch, you find out more about your health data, and learn to become more aware of your body functions and to take counteractions if necessary.

Simply compare your heart rate for the different fitness courses. Which raises your pulse more – Tabata or spinning?

Monitor your sleep during times of stress, and check the effects this stress has on deep sleep, dream and waking phases.

Bring more movement into your daily life – whether in the traditional office, home office or shop: With the pedometer, you can set yourself a daily goal and have the movement reminder tell you when it’s time for a run around the block or a few jumping jacks to boost your energy level.

Take advantage of networking opportunities: Motivate others to move more, or let yourself be motivated to take up new challenges. With Google Fit, Apple Health and Strava, you are part of a sports community. How about a challenge – who will be the first to crack the 10-kilometre mark?



Large and in colour: With the 1.3-inch full-colour display, you have an excellent view of both your activity tracking and your WhatsApp messages – all contents on the display are easy to read.

Fair-weather sportspersons are familiar with the problem: When in the sun, you cannot see anything on the display. It’s different with our sports watch: The display brightness can be adjusted, so that you have an optimal view of the display in all light conditions. In addition, the design of the view can be changed: Simply select a different display design or add your own background image – different styles are just as important as different types of exercise.


So, your motivation has been aroused, and you’d like to bring more variety to your everyday exercise. Pedometer, distance recording – all well and good. But what about activity tracking for sports such as yoga, rowing or fitness training? You can select from 14 different sports on the smartwatch. The analysis is, of course, detailed and perfectly adapted to the selected sport. So even with disciplines that are distance-independent, such as yoga, Tabata, etc., you have an optimal overview of your heart rate, calories burned and goals.

With the ‘Hama FIT Pro’ app, you can easily control, observe and monitor each function of the fitness watch – from music control to heart rate and calories burned – and every so often go to your sleep behaviour, or pause and do breathing training.