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  1. Hamaverse - The universe of accessories

    Hamaverse - The universe of accessories

  2. Power pack: Mobile power supply for smartphone and tablet

    Good to have a special power pack with you in the most beautiful moments of your life. Hama power packs provide instant power for all portable devices at any time and any place – without power and laptop connection. This means that your smartphone or tablet will never run out of power!

  3. Light and compact: “Traveller Premium“ tripods

    Wobble-free pictures with light-weight and versatile outdoor tripods.

  4. Remote Release System DCCS

    The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multicomponent system from Hama.

  5. Camera Bags "Rexton"

    Modern design and unbeatable comfort make these bags the ideal companion for your next outdoor photo shoot.

  6. Wi-Fi Data Reader

    The trip was divine, and the pictures on your camera came out great - but how do you get them onto devices like the iPad, which doesn´t have a USB port or a card slot?

  7. One Portfolio - Two Styles

    Set the trend with the reversible portfolios “TwoTone” for tablets up to 25.6 cm (10.1”) and “Twiddle” for Apple iPads. Depending on your mood, you can let your bright and bubbly side come out or show your quiet and reserved side with these stylish eye-catchers.
    How? One case - two colours! Simply turn the portfolio to change your style from a bright and colourful leisure time look to a smart and elegant business look.

  8. Easy Data Transfer for Smartphones, Tablet PCs etc.

    Two USB devices like smartphones or tablet PCs can now exchange data simply without a stopover on a PC.

  9. Screen protectors with Easy-On attachment aid

    In everyday use, mobile phone displays quickly develop unsightly scratches. The Easy-On principle lets you protect your display quickly and easily.

  10. Accessories for PlayStation 4

    The PS4 makes every gamer’s heart skip a beat. Hama offers stylish, practical and ingenious accessories so you can enjoy a pure gaming experience without interruptions. These accessories not only make gaming easier, but also offer helpful extra features. The product range extends from a USB hub, colourful charging cables and a steering wheel with a grip holder to TV and wall brackets for the PS4’s camera, a stylish charging station with a lighting function and a high-design stand.
    Whoever wants to have the right style for the PS4 “Glacier White” will find appropriate white accessories like controller charging cables, stands or USB extension cables at Hama. This way the game session will surely become a trendsetter!

  11. Xbox One Accessories

    Charging a controller, watching films, looking at photos stored on a USB stick, connecting a headset or a keyboard for chatting – one can never have enough USB ports on a game console.

  12. Samsung Accessory

    Whether the widely popular Galaxy smartphone, the latest 3D television with a trendy design or one of the manifold tablets: these innovative technical products can be found in almost every household. Hama’s product range includes the appropriate accessories so that you can fully enjoy these beautiful products.

  13. Ultra Flat Mounts

    With our ultra-flat TV wall brackets, your flat panel TV will float on the wall, as elegant as a painting. In addition, the wall bracket saves a lot of space.

  14. Action Cams

    Whether a winding ride with your motorbike, the jump into free fall, the perfect wave or an exciting downhill ski run - with the Hama action cameras all recreational activities will be great fun.

  15. Camera Strap "Quick Shoot Strap"

    With the “Quick Shoot Strap” camera strap from Hama, you can carry your camera comfortably and still have lightning-quick access to it.

  16. Apple Accessories

    Innovative technology also needs the right accessories. Hama naturally has the appropriate accessories for the top products from Apple.

  17. CreeDroid Controller

    Want to enjoy the full gaming experience any time and any place? Want to play your favourite game in the bus on the way to work, in a waiting room, or in the park in summer? The CreeDroid Bluetooth controller has the ideal design and functionality for smartphones and tablet PCs. Now you can not only surf online, make calls and listen to music on your smartphone or tablet PC, but also play games.

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