Product Showcases

  1. Accessories for PlayStation 4

    Sometimes, the two USB ports on the new PlayStation 4 just aren’t enough.

  2. Xbox One Accessories

    Charging a controller, watching films, looking at photos stored on a USB stick, connecting a headset or a keyboard for chatting – one can never have enough USB ports on a game console.

  3. Samsung Accessory

    Whether the widely popular Galaxy smartphone, the latest 3D television with a trendy design or one of the manifold tablets: these innovative technical products can be found in almost every household. Hama’s product range includes the appropriate accessories so that you can fully enjoy these beautiful products.

  4. Ultra Flat Mounts

    Our ultra flat TV wall brackets make your flat screen TV float elegantly on the wall like a work of art. The holders are available in various types – with something for every viewing angle.

  5. Action Cams

    Whether a winding ride with your motorbike, the jump into free fall, the perfect wave or an exciting downhill ski run - with the Hama action cameras all recreational activities will be great fun.

  6. "Daytour" Camera Backpack

    With its four loading and access possibilities, the Daytour 230 backpack always offers direct access to camera and accessories. Is carried with pleasure also in front of the body.

  7. USB 3.0

    The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology easily stands up to the new writing and reading speeds as well as to the large storage capacities of external hard drives, USB sticks and other mass storage media.

  8. Remote Release System DCCS

    The Digital Camera Connecting System (DCCS) is the first multi-component remote shutter release system from Hama. Time exposures, self-portraits, continuous shooting and many more options can be implemented easily using the DCCS.

  9. Camera Sling Bag "Katoomba"

    With the Vario Side Sling-Bag Katoomba you can easily carry your photo equipment on your shoulder. Thanks to the sliding system even on the left or right.

  10. CreeDroid Controller

    Want to enjoy the full gaming experience any time and any place? Want to play your favourite game in the bus on the way to work, in a waiting room, or in the park in summer? The CreeDroid Bluetooth controller has the ideal design and functionality for smartphones and tablet PCs.

  11. Apple Accessories

    Innovative technology also needs the right accessories. Hama naturally has the appropriate accessories for the top products from Apple.

  12. Internet TV Box 2

    Smart entertainment – the Internet TV box 2 makes it possible. The box is distinguished by some new finesses which convert your TV into an ingenious multimedia centre: large memory, latest operating system, powerful processors and app variety.

  13. Camera Strap "Quick Shoot Strap"

    With the “Quick Shoot Strap” camera strap from Hama, you can carry your camera comfortably and still have lightning-quick access to it.

  14. Home Entertainment

    All home entertainment accessories from a single supplier? Hama, of course.
    Whether you’ve got an LED, LCD, plasma, or 3D TV or a television with an Internet connection: with Hama home entertainment accessories, every television is at its very best.